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      Valentino bedframe


      Quick Overview

      The wide headboard attracts with its design, wraps you while you sleep, and also provides the perfect support while reading, having breakfast or watching your favourite movies and series.

      Product Information:

      • Made of high quality materials
      • Packed flat
      • Self-assembly
      • Topper included
      • This model has?no storage boxes included
      • Over 800 colour options available

      Call in-store to view our?wide selection



      Type Frame Size Mattress Size Price
      Valentino?Double Bed Frame ?H112 / W193 / L212 CM ?140 x 200 CM ?€1149
      Valentino King Bed Frame ?H112 / W213 / L212 CM ?160 x 200 CM ?€1169
      Valentino Super King Bed Frame ?H112 / W233 / L212 CM ?180 x 200 CM ?€1209

      *Price includes standard material collection.?
      Premium collection also?available on customer request.



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